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“The AD & amp; K” Legal Assistance Center, performs the following services within the framework of dispute resolution and mediation:

  • advice on any matters related to the case;
  • legal assessment of the dispute under consideration with possible options for protection;
  • determining the possibility of pre-trial dispute resolution

Our team consists of experienced mediators who will assist you in resolving disputes in the mediation procedure and drafting the mediation agreement.

Mediation is a new form of alternative dispute resolution involving a third, neutral, impartial, non-interested side conflict. This side is a mediator who helps the participants in a dispute or legal proceedings to work out a certain agreement, while the parties fully control the decision-making process to resolve the dispute and the conditions for its resolution.

Mediation can be used in civil and labor disputes , family and other legal relations, as well as in criminal cases of small and medium gravity.

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