Contract work

Contractual work is one of the main areas of legal work of the enterprise and other business organizations, aimed at the formation and implementation of regulations.

The formation of legal acts at the enterprise is:
- in the adoption of local regulations (regulations, instructions, etc.)
- in the adoption of various individual legal acts with which the occurrence, amendment and termination of the rights and obligations of the enterprise itself is associated.

Economic contracts should be classified as the most typical individual legal acts, in connection with the formation of which the company carries out voluminous and important legal work. A properly executed contract itself acquires the force of a legal act determining the subsequent actions of the parties. The company needs to keep records of all business contracts with the approval sheet of all departments involved in a particular legal relationship. Often, between the parties there are additions to the contracts, disagreements, termination of the contractual relationship, which must be drawn up in writing.
In this section you can familiarize yourself with the journal of contracts, the register of contracts, the approval sheet, the preliminary contract, the specification for the contract, the agreement on termination of the contract, notice of termination of the contract.