Purchase and sale

Under a purchase and sale agreement, one party (seller) undertakes to transfer the property (goods) into ownership, economic management or operational management to the other side (buyer), and the buyer undertakes to accept this property (goods) and pay a certain amount of money (price) for it ( Article 406 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan)

SUBJECTS (PARTIES) of the contract of sale can be subjects of civil law: individuals, legal entities, administrative-territorial units, the state. Depending on whether the sales contract is concluded, whether entrepreneurial or non-entrepreneurial, the contract of retail sale or privatization of property of state enterprises, the composition of their participants changes.

The possibility of concluding purchase and sale agreements by individuals will be affected by the volume of their legal capacity.

Purchase and sale is a consensual contract. It is perfect (the sale contract concluded) from the moment when the parties have reached an agreement on all material conditions. The fact that the conclusion and execution of the contract coincide in time (the contract executed at the very conclusion) does not change this rule.

The contract of sale is a paid contract. The transfer of goods requires a transfer in return for its purchase price.

The Civil Code distinguishes the following types of sales contracts: retail sales contract, supply contract, contract contract, energy supply contract, enterprise sales contract.

In this section you can familiarize yourself with the contract of sale of movable property, the contract of sale of a vehicle by installments, the contract of sale of a vehicle, the contract of sale of an aircraft, a contract for the purchase of goods, a contract for the supply of furniture, and a contract for contracting.