Copyright agreement

Copyright agreement - an agreement between the author (authors) of a work of science, literature, art protected by copyright, and the user (legal or natural person), according to which the author (authors) transfers to the user his property rights related to the work.
The contract may provide for the transfer of property rights in whole or in part, for a specified period, with the extension of its effect to a certain territory.

Copyright provides two main types of copyright agreement:
- an author’s contract for the transfer of exclusive rights, allowing the use of a work in a certain way and within the established limits only to the person to whom these rights are transferred;
- the copyright agreement on the transfer of non-exclusive rights that allow the use of the work to other persons, including the holder of the exclusive rights who concluded the copyright agreement.

The copyright agreement is concluded in writing, and, at the request of the parties, can be notarized.

In each case, the publisher and the author select and agree on the original text of the copyright agreement.

In this section you can familiarize yourself with a sample copyright agreement, copyright agreement on the transfer of property (exclusive) rights.