Rent - a property lease based on a contract for the provision of property for temporary use for a fee.

Under a lease (property lease) agreement, one party (the lessor) is obliged to provide the other side (the lessee) with property for a fee for temporary possession or use (Clause 1, Article 540 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan). In modern civil law, the concept of “rent” and “property lease” are recognized as identical. Accordingly, the subjects of rental legal relations can be called a “landlord” on the one hand, and a “tenant” on the other.

Movable and immovable things are recognized as leased objects, including: land, enterprises, buildings, structures, equipment, vehicles and other things that do not lose their natural properties in the process of their use (such things are called non-consumable). The lease must clearly define the specific property being leased, that is, the data allowing the individualization of the leased property must be directly indicated in the lease.


Landlord - an individual or legal entity that provides property to a lessee for a fee for temporary use and possession. Property may be leased only by its owner or a person authorized by the owner or by law.

Lessee - an individual or legal entity that has entered into a lease and pays for the use and possession or use of the property provided to the lessor. Civil legislation does not provide for any requirements and restrictions for a tenant (with the exception of civil legal capacity, as well as for other subjects of civil law relations).

The Civil Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan distinguishes the following types of lease agreements: rental, rental of vehicles, rental of buildings and structures, rental of enterprises, leasing.

In this section you can download sample lease agreements.